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Gifs of bdsm and porn

Oh you’re so funny.

“Oh you’re so funny Deven. Of course I shall cuckold Michael.”

“You mean that he’s okay with you and me getting together?”

“Oh heavens yes! He fully understands that I want to have an affair with you.”

“So he’s one of those True Cuckolds then?”

“Whatever that means, I guess that’s what he is, and he seems very enthusiastic.”

“So let’s not dull his enthusiasm. So how do you want to do this?”

“Oh! I thought that we could start with this top I am wearing, and take it from there.”

Sometimes a Cuckold just knows what his wife and her Lover are capable of - often!

We didn’t have time.

“Was the floor hard Dear?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your knees seem to have taken a bit of a bashing. Have you been seeing Delroy again.”

“Oh we didn’t have a lot of time. He had to go back to work.”

“So you spent the last hour on your knees sucking his cock in the kitchen, i’m guessing.”

“That’s right cucky. We didn’t have time for anything else.”

“i can see that, and so can everybody else.”