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Reblog, you want it so much. I know it, because I want it too.
"A Whore on a Leash"

I want to be kept in a cage.

Small enough that being on hands and knees is snug. Large enough to curl up and sleep when left alone. The bars spaced just wide enough that Gatsby can get his hands through to violate my pussy, and so he can grip my hair and pin my face to the bars while he fucks my throat over and over.

I want him to whip at the bars with a belt. The anticipation of where the belt will bite, knowing there is absolutely nowhere to go. To have my body teased and tormented by his hands and his cock. 

The inability to pull him deep inside me when I want, or pull away when I think I need to. To just to be kept in one place, ready for what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants.