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The Initiation of Arienh, full set on Club RopeMarks http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com, with Arienh, photo's by Cas van der Vlugt.
Image of & by me (Knotty Girl)

Hello ;) This is a introduction since I just joined. Im Knotty. Yes I am very much into rope bondage. I am submissive and I love doing my own rope ties on myself. I am also a cam girl so you will probably see some posts about that. Here are the websites that you can find me on:

Ugly Transvestite Bondage Whore

Works Cheap! email Rachel to book the SLUT for your next party.
Raquel St.Clair tied to the railing for the evening with nasty laundry clamps on her slutty ass flesh... Punishment for showing off too much on the internet!