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OMG… My mean pimp finally did it!
He’s been threatening to have my name, location, contact email, and my title and price tattooed onto my ass… Gulp… And now here it is. And on top of that he confiscated every article of clothing I had that might cover it.
So now the whole world will know everything whenever I walk down the street!
Outdoors enjoying a beautiful day. Off duty, but everyone thinks I'm working. Guess its cause my everyday attire is that of a $5 Street Whore ?!?!?
I really like to be bited or bite someone. :) I just like marking territory.
Christmas card-family photo with mistletoe (grin)
This seems to be a set. I've seen one other like this: do you have more?
7:50 long. Pale redhead. Always glad to find something more from this couple.
Rachel St.Clair enjoying a long afternoon and evening of closet bondage discipline, with nasty painful laundry clamps on her ass, punishment for showing off on the web too much